MIT Media Lab

Research groups at the MIT Media Lab push the boundaries of technology, art and science. While living in Boston, I directed a number of videos showcasing some of their innovative research.


Creative Direction
Visual Design


6 months

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This project by the Tangible Media Group uses bacteria printed on fabric to make textiles responsive to heat and moisture. I directed a short film explaining the process using two dancers from the Boston Ballet and some clever cells harvested from a fermented bean.

The Shoot

The small local crew and I setup camp in a cyc wall studio in downtown Boston. The filmed dance was a mixture of previously choreographed routines and improvisations on set. Other shooting took place over three days on location in MIT and parts of Cambridge.

The Edit

The tone of past Media Lab video projects leaned towards complete abstractness. However, this is not very conducive to a high-energy dance sequence. Multiple soundtracks were tried before settling on the final song. Since all the dance footage was shot at 50fps, certain dance moves were sped up or slowed down to hit specific beats.

Behind the Project

In addition to the flashy main video, I produced a second video that provided a more in-depth explanation of the technology while also highlighting the individuals involved in the project.

Visible Communities

During a preliminary research trip to Rwanda, the Media Lab sought to understand how to map historically unmapped communities. There was no solution yet-only a rough idea of what the problem was and how they may approach solving it. My job was to reveal the emotional reason why these places and people should be visible on a map.


In addition to video, I was tasked with taking stills to later be used by MIT in promotional material. Hopefully these photos express just how gracious the people of Rwanda were in front of the camera.

Solo in Africa

Logistical complexities and an extremely limited budget meant I was the sole crew member on this project both during production and all through post. Meeting locals and spending time in remote villages made it all worth the challenges.

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