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Gif God


I, like so many others, found myself stuck at home during the first half of 2020. To past the time, some friends and I started to play a game over text in which one person would invent an absurd scenario and everyone else had to find the perfect GIF response. This game was so fun and simple, I realized it would be the perfect canidate for a social mobile game. Thus Gif God was born.

In order to make this project a reality, I knew I needed to entice a game developer to join me as a technical collaborator. I set about creating a fully interactive prototype in order to catch the eyes of an experienced programmer. Thankfully, the plan worked! We are currently working on developing Gif God into an app for iOS and Android. We'll be launching later this year along with a few other surprises.

Explore the interactive prototype here


Because of the game's reliance on the GIF format, which first gained popularity during the days of the early internet, I wanted to incoporate touches of retro internet references.

A playful color pallette is used throughout and the final game also includes custom illustrations for the various card packs made available.