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I've been engrained in the "vanlife" culture for several years at this point. While The Vanual was created to help solve the problem with the lack of DIY information on the web, buying and selling a vehicle is a unenjoyable process that has persisted even longer.

Craigslist dominates the marketplace with its lack of features and overly utilitarian design. The few alternatives that exist are just as stuck in the past with dated visuals and poor usability. I decided to design a better option with Camperlister.

Improving the Experience

There are so many persistant issues I noticed with classifieds site. Search and browsing is a clunky process that relies on a user getting lost in a sea of open tabs. And actually listing a vehicle is often a redundant process that leads users to spend too much time creating a listing that doesn't prioritize what people actually want to see.

While wireframing the entire listing and browsing functionality, I explored many design paradigms. Modal listing cards allow seamless browsing while a concise listing process simultaneously removes unnecessary steps and rewards users who provide a listing full of necessary information for buyers.

Classy Classifieds

The branding of Camperlister reflects the culture it is meant to be a part of. Playful, colorful collage illustrations contrast the clean UI elements of the site.

Many times the owners of a camper will customize and decorate a vehicle to give it a special personality. People listing a vehicle on Camperlister have the opportunity to choose from 5 background colors and 5 background patterns to create a visual listing that is as distinct as the vehicle itself.